Friday, March 23, 2012


I have no idea why the words April and London decided to be links in my last post. It's weird! Awkward that that happened! Don't click on them because I have no idea why they are there!

Happy Friday everybody!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Paddy! Not Patty! :)

Sweet but dangerous! I love this petit almost 1 year old!
This little boy needed a nap outside in the fresh air before he could join the party!
Maria and Lukas with Spike, grandpa and Anges! I love my family!
Very dedicated to St. Patricks Day!
Green godis! Yum!
Yes, been forever and it is ridiculous, I know. Sorry. I just had somebody request to be my friend on facebook who has been following my blog and that inspired me! Your comments and support are what keep me going! So keep it coming!
We had a lovely St. Patrick's Day celebration with Fredrik's family last weekend. We have been doing this every year since I moved here. I am not Irish or have any Irish accenstry, but it is just too fun and they love it! Plus it gives me an excuse to invite every body over and cook yummy food! The past 2 weeks I have done an all green theme but this year it was Irish food. I made a delicious beef stew (which stewed for 5 hour and turned out awesome), spinach dip (my only green food of the day) and Irish soda bread. It was a great meal, but best of all I got to spend time with my Swedish niece and nephew. The niece of which is turning 1 in April! I cannot believe it!
Speaking of April, we will be heading to London for a 2 year anniverary trip. I cannot wait! I have always wanted to go to London and it is about time we got there! Since we are only a 2 hours flight away! It is going to be so lovely. I have everything all planned out. Including what we are doing while we are there and the restaurants we are going to eat at. One of which is our anniversary dinner at one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants for a steak sharing night! Romantic, huh?!
Now did these pictures get you in the mood for some fudgey delicious BOX brownies! Yea. I pride myself on making as much as I can from scratch. And I mean as much as I can. Tomato (spagetti and pizza sauce), pancakes, biscuits, brownies, cakes, etc. But this was a late night experiment and it was delicous. Of course you COULD do a from scratch brownie but sometimes it just makes your night when you do hardly any work and you get to eat something this good!
Nutella and peaut butter and fudge brownies (yea!)
1 brownie box mix plus ingredients
1\2 c. mini chocolate chips
1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1\4 c. nutella
1\4 c. peanut butter
Make brownies as on the box and add 1\2 c mini chocolate chips. Pour into pan (whatever size you decide to use as on the box) Over medium heat, heat up condesnsed milk, nutella and peanut butter. Let cool completely and use half to swirl into brownie mix. Bake brownies as on box and place the other half of nutella\pb mixture in the fridge to cool (do not eat by the spoonful while brownies are cooking because you simply cannot wait to eat some sugar). Take brownies from oven and cool completely and after cooled spread the left over mixture over the brownies.
Place on a cute plate and pretend like you spent hours making this dessert and enjoy!