Monday, November 22, 2010

Good bye and hello!

In 4 hours I will be headed back to Central European Time!

I have a job interview on Thanksgiving day, so when you all wake up, give me a little thought and a wish of good luck! :)

See you guys in a day or two!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Week!

...left until I am on my way back to Sweden! I cannot believe at this time, I will be waiting in the Chicago airport to make my 7th trip across the Atlantic!

This week has already been off to a great start! Shopping with mom, lunch with friends and a basketball game! Rock Chalk!

The rest of the week is full of similar activities. Lots of lunch dates, coffee dates, errands and best of all, Thanksgiving on Saturday. Mom and I are going to start cooking Wednesday! It will be so nice to be with friends and family, celebrating my favorite holiday, one last time. Fredrik and I have already decided to take on the task of having an annual Thanksgiving day feast for his family. It will ease the pain of missing my own family. What a great husband, to agree to this! :) I love him.

Although incredibly excited, I am terrified to land in Sweden and it will be around 6:30pm, pitch dark and probably snowing and or raining! Yuck! This is not the most wonderful weather time of year in Sweden, that is for sure. The shortest day of the year is only a few weeks away from when I arrive. Double yuck! But, Christmas in Sweden is very magical. Lots of snow, lights and chilly walks outside with my hunny.

In Sweden, they definitely put off putting up Christmas decorations. It's kind of their way of avoiding cold weather! As a dear friend stated in her blog, putting up Christmas early isn't about waiting for Santa, it's about looking forward to the season! I personally love early Christmas decorations!

This is a picture taken the first few days I was back in Kansas. I realized I put a lot of pictures of family on my blog, but these girls definitely deserve a big mention. They are all my high school friends and the best friends I could ever ask for. And a special shout out to my faithful readers! I love getting comments, makes me feel happy to write! :) So thank you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Right here, right now

Just did: an hour work out and burnt off 1000 ugly calories!

In my tummy: Water with cranberry and lemon, and a Special K bar

Waiting for: My mom to get home so I can go grocery shopping for hot dogs, hamburger buns and potatoes!

Listening to: I Am Not a Robot by Marina and the Diamonds

Looking Forward to: November 20th, early Thanksgiving. November 22nd, moving to Sweden.

Thinking about: How much it's going to cost me to send ANOTHER box to Sweden. My life in the past 2 years has involved paying a lot of money to post offices to ship all my goodies across the Atlantic.

What I'm feeling: Sweat dripping down my back, time to shower ASAP!

What I am making tonight: Jamin and Justin (brother and his brother-in-law) are coming over to unpack Christmas decorations for my mom, so I will make them a Gothenburg speciality! Halv Special. Hot dogs with mashed potatoes on top and grill seasoning! SOOO delicious. I'll also make some white chocolate popcorn for Emma and Tanner!

Wanting: To lay eyes on my husband at the airport! I cannot wait to start a life with him, officially. We get to start worrying about regular married couple stuff, not when the next time we will talk or when we will even see each other! Can't wait to steal the covers from him while sleeping and him to make coffee for me in the morning. :)

In Sweden, couples share a bed, but use twin comforters. Even with that, I still steal the covers from him sometimes!

Just thought you should see this. We call him the Tannerburger!

Monday, November 8, 2010

So bad!

I have just been so bad. Excuses excuses! I know! But I do have to update my 3 loyal bloggers ;)

Had a great time in Copenhagen for my birthday with my hubby! So wonderful! But right before I left the U.S. I got an email from the Swedish embassy and my work permit and resident permit had been approved! After 5 weeks! I couldn't even believe it! So we spent a nice weekend with each other making plans!

I fly to Sweden November 22nd. 2 weeks from today. Could I be any happier? Probably not. And luckily, for the sake of my blog, I will have interesting things to write about again!

See you all soon! I promise, from now on...I'm back!

In Sweden, they end day light savings one week before us.