Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Week!

...left until I am on my way back to Sweden! I cannot believe at this time, I will be waiting in the Chicago airport to make my 7th trip across the Atlantic!

This week has already been off to a great start! Shopping with mom, lunch with friends and a basketball game! Rock Chalk!

The rest of the week is full of similar activities. Lots of lunch dates, coffee dates, errands and best of all, Thanksgiving on Saturday. Mom and I are going to start cooking Wednesday! It will be so nice to be with friends and family, celebrating my favorite holiday, one last time. Fredrik and I have already decided to take on the task of having an annual Thanksgiving day feast for his family. It will ease the pain of missing my own family. What a great husband, to agree to this! :) I love him.

Although incredibly excited, I am terrified to land in Sweden and it will be around 6:30pm, pitch dark and probably snowing and or raining! Yuck! This is not the most wonderful weather time of year in Sweden, that is for sure. The shortest day of the year is only a few weeks away from when I arrive. Double yuck! But, Christmas in Sweden is very magical. Lots of snow, lights and chilly walks outside with my hunny.

In Sweden, they definitely put off putting up Christmas decorations. It's kind of their way of avoiding cold weather! As a dear friend stated in her blog, putting up Christmas early isn't about waiting for Santa, it's about looking forward to the season! I personally love early Christmas decorations!

This is a picture taken the first few days I was back in Kansas. I realized I put a lot of pictures of family on my blog, but these girls definitely deserve a big mention. They are all my high school friends and the best friends I could ever ask for. And a special shout out to my faithful readers! I love getting comments, makes me feel happy to write! :) So thank you!


  1. I LOVE it that you are blogging again! What a fabulous time we've had on your "visit" home. Much as I love our time and am going to miss the pitter patter of your little feet - it's time for you to start your life with Fredrik. So, on to the lasst few days of excitement! Love Mom

  2. I was just thinking yesterday what a compliment it is that you are spending one of your last lunches with me! Thanks for including me in the fun and excitement that is your life, Ashley! I can't wait to see pictures of all that snow in Sweden...believe it or not, there are people that are jealous of it!! :)

  3. You are joining the ranks of women throughout the ages who have started new lives together with their husbands in the homeland. Scary but filled with the anticipation of making a life filled with love and friends. You will be blending not only traditions of your families, but of your cultures to mold them into the traditions of Ashley and Fredrik! Wishing you a light and happy heart on Central European Time :)
    Susie Q Nolte
    Sarah's Mom