Saturday, September 25, 2010

Millenium Triology

I JUST closed the last page of the Millenium triology.

Wow, I read "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" out of curiousity, because while I lived in Sweden, these were very popular movies.

That book was good, the movie was good, so I moved onto "The Girl Who Played with Fire". THAT was great, and the movie was great.

So accordingly I went to Hastings and bought "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest". Also, excellent.

That movie isn't available in the US yet, so I either have order a version (and struggle without subtitles) or wait until I move back to Sweden. Either way, I cannot wait!

These books and movies are really great, and the movies are great as well, so long as you don't hate reading subtitles. But hey, you get to listen to Swedish, and it's beautiful. ;) And Swedish people do it all the time when shows are American or from another country.

Fact: On Swedish television and movies, they never dub voices, unless it's meant for children who cannot read. As a matter of fact, I really miss the Swedish subtitles at the bottom of the screen!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a mighty return

...or not so mighty.

But simply, I have been waiting on something exciting to blog about. My life was in shambles for awhile and everything was turned upside down. But now, it's back on track and I feel like I can do this blog thing, without making everybody want to weep.

Today I finally mailed in my Swedish visa application.

Most of you know what happened at the...bum bum bum...Detroit airport, which was the turning point in my sweetie pie husands life and mine. We decided to ship some American goods back to Sweden, so here I go, new adventure.

Here's hoping this visa takes very little time to process and I'm back with my husband once again.

And here's to a return of Central European Time, only we are in Central American Time...for now!

Fact: Instead of "crossing your fingers" for luck, in Sweden, you "hold your thumbs".

My Swedish is bad and I'm not learning a thing right now, so I'll just throw some random facts out there for ya, until I get back to the learnin'!