Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a mighty return

...or not so mighty.

But simply, I have been waiting on something exciting to blog about. My life was in shambles for awhile and everything was turned upside down. But now, it's back on track and I feel like I can do this blog thing, without making everybody want to weep.

Today I finally mailed in my Swedish visa application.

Most of you know what happened at the...bum bum bum...Detroit airport, which was the turning point in my sweetie pie husands life and mine. We decided to ship some American goods back to Sweden, so here I go, new adventure.

Here's hoping this visa takes very little time to process and I'm back with my husband once again.

And here's to a return of Central European Time, only we are in Central American Time...for now!

Fact: Instead of "crossing your fingers" for luck, in Sweden, you "hold your thumbs".

My Swedish is bad and I'm not learning a thing right now, so I'll just throw some random facts out there for ya, until I get back to the learnin'!


  1. From your past blog posts, I knew you were the adventurous type! As always, wishing you the best of luck and good fortune to go along with your dedication to study and hard work:)

    I will be 'holding my thumbs' for you:)

    ps How do you do that? Tuck your thumbs under your fingers or does one hand hold the thumb or the other? Just askin'.. I want to do it right :)

    Gran of The Dukes
    Colorado, USA

  2. Hooray! I'm so happy for you for this giant step forward. Chin up!!

  3. I'm delighted to read your blog again! Good Job! You and Sarah write so wonderfully, thank you for sharing your talents with us. Decided to be happy and you will be - Love Mom