Saturday, May 16, 2009


Just a nice morning of waking up to the mountains, fresh air blowing through the open balcony door. Ate at Moe's Broadway Bagels and drank a coffee. Lolligaged over to Montessori Education Center of the Rockies, took a dandy little final, and talked about culture all afternoon. Could Boulder be any more pleasant? For those of you who have been, can attest to this. It's just such a relaxing town. You are working, going to school, but still feel like you are relaxing. How is this possible?! Everybody is riding their bikes, sitting outside, walking along Boulder Creek. I miss my 2 and a half months I spent living here.

Tomorrow it is off to my favorite place in Boulder, the Redstone Meadery. It's a quant little shop, with the brewery in the back. They sell Mead, which is "wine" made from the nectar of honey. And if you are frowning to the sound of that, don't knock it untill you try it! And from experience, I know for a fact, a bottle will definitely do a little ditty on you. It's some potent stuff. I brought my beautiful blue bottle back to Boulder with me, to fill er' up. You get a little discount if you bring you bottle in. So I will be enjoying a bottle of Redstone Meadery, Boysenberry Nectar. Delicious!

As you can see, on the left is their wide variety of different kinds of Mead. You can go in and have a free tasting! I strongly suggest that! It made it hard to chose which to buy though!

But before the Meadery, it's tests and presentations. So close, yet, so far away! The countdown to Sunday is ON! Graduation is looming!

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  1. Um. Does this mean I won't be seeing you tomorrow? You do realize tomorrow is SATURDAY! At least there is written proof that I am not breaking the streak...