Friday, May 22, 2009

Swedish Ivy

With tomorrow being my last day at Raintree, I found it necessary to buy a gift for my class. One they could use and when they use or look at it, they will think of me. Haha. I don't want my kids to ever forget me! I want them to ALWAYS think about me! The best teacher they have ever had! So anywho, I thought "hanging plant! Great idea!" So I wandered on over to some really great nursery here in Lawrence and found the best hanging plant. It's green, leafy, big, hangy, and I bought it! While the girl was loading it into the car I asked her if it would have any flowers. She said no, just some little buds here in there, beause SWEDISH IVY doesn't have many flowers. How perfect is that?! I, unknowingly, bought Swedish Ivy to give to my class! I'm so excited about it. My kids have been "researching" Sweden since we told them I am moving there. They know what the flag looks like, where it is on the globe, that it has some mountains, that I'll live by the ocean, etc. etc. I'm so excited about this fortunate coinsidence! So tomorrow being my last day, I'm excited and really dreading it. I love my kids so much and have seen lots of them grow up so much in the 3 years I have known them! 3 years in a 5 or 6 year olds life is a LONG time! So hopefully this Swedish Ivy will remind them of me! Cause I certainly will think about them all the time!

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