Friday, October 16, 2009

long ago birthdays

This weekend, Fredrik and I will head up to his parents cabin for a fun filled weekend of birthday celebrations. We will be celebrating Ann's and Fredrik's. Even though they happened in September. Haha. But as we say in my family, it doesn't matter WHEN you celebrate, as long as you are all together to celebrate it sometime. So finally, we can all be there. So I will be meeting a few more members of his family I haven't met before! Yikes. And last night, I made enchiladas for 8 people in my tiny kitchen, for tonights dinner. Hopefully they go over well!

Today, on my way home from dropping Tara off, I heard an interview on the radio, and it was in English! They were interviewing Jordan Sparks, who is in Sweden to be on tonights episode of "Swedish Idol". I don't even like Jordan Sparks, but listened to that interview as if I have never heard English before! It's so funny that I do that. I speak English all the time, with my family here, with Fredrik, his family and on the phone with my own family. But when I hear English outside of the realm, it's so weird and exciting! If I hear people on the street or in a store, I want to ask them where they are from and what they are doing! It's so stupid, cause really, I should be practicing my Swedish!

The Swedish word of the day is "grattis på födelsedagen" which means "happy birthday" and is pronounced "grattis poa fudelsedagen". Directly translated this means "congratulations on your birthday".


  1. Remember to use your manners with Fredrik's family - maybe ask for a glass and don't drink the beer straight from the bottle :). I'm sure they'll love the enchilladas as you are an amazing cook! Are they celebrating your birthday which is just around the corner? Have a great time - love and miss you MOM

  2. Thank you, of corse i love it, Victoria´s secret is fantastic! if i had all the money in the world, I´ll move to the US and shop every day!
    how do you like sweden so far?

  3. I am impressed with your enchilada cooking in the tiny kitchen! I hope everyone enjoyed them!

  4. Hi Ashley, I found your blogg.
    I just wanted to make sure that you know that it's just our stupid family and relatives that are singing the bithday songs this way. It's not normal (we are just strange!).

    I also want to thank you for making such great enchiladas. They were REALLY good!