Friday, November 27, 2009

etta (number one)

Here are some pics from Thanksgiving number one with my Dutch family and Fredrik. I spent 7 hours preparing this meal! And we ate it in about 30 minutes! :)

The final menu
-stuffing stuffed chicken breasts
-mashed potatoes
-creamed corn
-cranberry sauce
-homemade sweet rolls
-deviled eggs
-apple cider
-pumpkin pie
-chocolate covered pretzels
-egg nog with ice cream
*everything was homemade, except the stuffing, but who makes that homemade anyway!

This apple cider made the house smell amazing!So did this cranberry sauce!
How typical, huh? Too cute! :) She did a fabulous job!The final product!


  1. Oh WOW - I so miss your rolls, they are the best! Everything looks perfect! Lucky family! Love you Mom

  2. Everything looks lovely. Looks like you did a fabulous job. We all decided you are nominated to cook for us next year. LOL. Really though, I would love for you to make the homemade cider and cranberry sauce for certain. I hope your host family enjoyed your talents and thoughtfulness. :) --Leslie

  3. Who makes egg nog homemade?! This is so impressive and it sounds and looks delicious. You will be so ready to come back and host your own Thanksgiving in the states next year!