Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is a bit long, but it's quite funny and very very true. I love Swedes, but this is really one thing I step back from and sort of...laugh at.

The Swedish word of the day is "kö" which means "line" or "queue" and is pronounced "kuh".


  1. That is a funny article! Very interesting! I guess I wouldn't mind standing in queue if it was fair, but that thing about throwing a coat or bag on a chair to 'save' a place while you stand in a long line is crazy. Every country has their own unique customs and it is fun to experience them! Thanks for the link!

    Gran of The Dukes
    Colorado, USA

  2. You know how much I love to wait in line for anything. I would be grumpy all the time, wouldn't I. Maybe an enterprising person could start a business over there. A business to hire people to hold your place in queue and you could show up just before they call your number. You could call it the "Queue People". Hmmmm! Maybe I am on to something. ;-)

  3. Hey Martin! Is it ok if i steal your idea and start up a business? Hahaha. That was an awesome idea and really funny! :)