Thursday, March 25, 2010


Could I be ANY worse of a blogger! My computer is on the fritz and it makes me not even want to touch it! Thinking about buying and installing a new hard drive (which I have been told is what it needs)!

I have SO much on my mind! Filing an extension on my taxes (could I have waited any more last minute), paperwork to fill out to bring Fredrik over and OH YEA! Getting married on Saturday!!!!! AH! It's really hitting me! It's just...amazing. I'm so happy and excited and nervous and all those things that are supposed to happen when you get married! I keep calling Fredrik my "almost husband". I can't wait to call him my husband. It's amazing to think about it.

But that isn't all I do around here! Think about weddings and act like a major stress case! I did have a great St. Patricks day! It was a lot of fun. Pictures to come...maybe. We might be uninterested in them by the time I actually do it! Because Sunday, the priority is to put wedding pictures up! Duh!

So I'm sorry I have been so boring lately...but here is your every day thing!
Now although this isn't everday to you, it's everyday to us here in Gothenburg! The ocean. Well, the part of the ocean that is really close to the city. This was taken a few weeks ago when the snow hadn't started to FINALLY melt away, but it's still really awesome to me to just...walk up to the ocean and look at it! There are huge cruise boats that sit in the harbor that go to Germany, Denmark and other places. It's just cool, ocean/marine life. Especially to a Kansan who is landlocked!

The Swedish word of the day is "hav" which means "ocean". It's pronoucned with a british sounding "a". So kind of like "hov" with a long "o". And "the ocean" is "havet". Swedish is a confusing language, but I am so surprised by how much I understand lately. Even when watching movies in a foreign language with Swedish subtitles, I can follow!


  1. You are a slow blogger :) But we all just keep checking - because you are such a good writer. If you think it's weird for you to think about Saturday - image it for us. Not being there! Love you Mom and Marshall

  2. I know the blog just adds one more thing for you to do, but I agree with your Mom! I check it as soon as you post!

    I will be thinking of you at 7:00 Sat. morning and toasting you at breakfast:)
    Gran of The Dukes