Wednesday, December 15, 2010

healthy and sweaty

that's the name of my new gym! My wonderful husband bought me a year membership there! In Swedish it's actually Friskis & Svettis. It's ridiculous for a woman to WANT a gym membership, but I do! I look back at pictures of myself from 2 and a half years ago and I was in the best shape of my life, and I owe it to my gym! It was a place I could go and be inspired to run, walk, work out and listen to some good music. Everybody else is doing the same thing in a gym, so I find it really inspiring! And when you are paying for it, you better go! I'm not necessarily out to lose a whole bunch of weight, I just want to feel better about myself. I want to put an outfit on and FEEL rockin' in it! So today will be my first work out day, and hopefully it will just be more and more after that!

Friday I will go to the school and partake in a teacher study day. It will be a good day to talk to the other 2 teachers in the classroom and get a lot of info on the kids and the way our classroom will run. I'm really excited! A little detail about what I'll be doing. I'll be working at a school that is about a 45 minute bus ride from our house. It's a bilingual school, so my job is to only speak English. The other 2 teachers are Swedish speaking. The kids speak both languages, and it is my job to get them to speak English more and more. My group will only consist of 4-5 year olds. So it's right up my alley! From the sound of it, my job in the classroom will be in charge of the academics. The other 2 teachers are more interested in craft and art projects. So I will be making sure the kids are learning math, language and science. Whew! That's a big responsibility! But, I am so excited! I haven't really taught or been in a classroom for almost a year and a half, so I AM READY!

I also forgot to mention some big news! The 'adventsmys' we went to on Saturday at Hanna and Andreas' house was actually a wedding party! They got married earlier on Saturday and surprised us all! To be honest, here at our house, we were expecting it! But, it was still fun to be 'surprised'. In Sweden, marriage is much different than in the US. It's very normal for a couple to 'elope' and then tell their family later. I'm not sure why Swedes don't make SUCH a huge deal out of marriage as we do.

Also speaking of Hanna, she is expecting a baby in April, so I have taken it apon myself to throw her a babyshower! They don't have them in Sweden! I was like ¨so how do you get lots of presents!?¨ So there are a few things I think I need to introduce to my new family! Thanksgiving and babyshowers! So Fredrik's other sister, Maria, and I will be in charge of a babyshower, probably in early March. What are some of your favorite babyshower games? I want it to be fun and a very typical babyshower.

The Swedish word of the day is 'gift' which means 'married' and is pronounced 'yift'. Unfortunately, this word also means 'poison', I'm not even kidding.


  1. It's so wonderful to read your blog and have it be positive/happy things what a "gift" and I mean the English word :). Proud of you - Love Mom

  2. I totally agree with your Mom! It makes me smile when I read how you have things pulled together in your new world! Your new job sounds perfect to me and I can't wait to hear all about it. I taught kindergarten for years and those kids are mostly life-affirming, affectionate, little sponges filled with wonder and always on the verge of saying something really funny or profound ;) It will be things like 'gift' that you will have to do a lot of explaining about the difference in our language.
    Do you know if Hanna will find out if she is having a girl or a boy?
    Thanks for the great post! It made my day!

  3. They don't know if it will be a girl or boy and aren't going to find out! So I guess I'm buying some cute green things! ;)

  4. At my most recent baby shower we played the diaper with a melted chocolate candy bar in it (snickers, mars, baby ruth)game. People had to guess what it was and the fastest won. Then the top 3 went on to the diaper changing final round to see who could change a diaper the fastest. The winner got some cute prize (that I can't remember right now). It was a lot of fun!! Hope that gives you some ideas!