Thursday, February 2, 2012


Two weeks ago we went on a small weekend trip to Säfsen, which is 5 hours north of Göteborg. It was a really nice weekend of skiing (not for me), snowboard (also not for me), drinking (also not for me), cooking and baking (both for me!). We went with a couple, Ileana and Joel and our good friend Lina. Us girls all know each other from a previous job. I am so lucky I met them and still have them as good friends!
Me, Lina, Joel and Ileana being ''tourists''.
2 snowboarders and 1 skiier.
15 trails but only 7 were open.
Swedish Christmas ''bok''. This thing was huge and really neat!
Our very Swedish looking cabin. It's my dream to own a typical Swedish red house. They are just so cute!
It looks so surreal! I loved walking out in the cold, fresh, snowy air with Ileana, just taking and laughingAnd of course, playing out ''who am I?'' game. We love this game because somebody always comes up with really funny people and things. PS, this man is so amazing and is really getting and deserving of more and more of my love every day. I am so lucky! PPS, his paper says ''the zombie cat'', which is a stupid inside joke!
So enough of all these trip pictures! Next post, we get back to food!
For now, I can tell you a little about my new job. I am starting whole new classroom with 2 others teachers. Right now it is only me and one of my colleagues and we ordered all new furniture, rugs, toys, office supplies, art supplies, etc, etc, etc. We got them this week and it was so funny unloading it all and seeing it all! We have a whole new room with big huge, low windows with lots of space! This week and last week was a lot of paper work, organizing, sending stuff to the parents, etc. Next week starts the organizing of the room, the fun part! Then February 15th, 5 cute little ''babies'' come. 18 months old! Then 2 weeks later, 5 more! Then two weeks later 5 more! 15 new babies! It's really been a lot of fun (with a touch of stress here and there), but I am so excited and happy to finally have a classroom to call my ''own'' (even though I am sharing with 2 others). The colleague I am working with now I get along with really well and it has been fun working with her and getting to know her. Hopefully this is the job I have been hoping to have since I arrived in Sweden!
Hope everybody had a great first month of 2012! Now we are in the month of birthdays!

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  1. I have enjoyed your blog (saw ref to it from Beverly Revelry's great blog). Anyhow!, I absolutely love that red print coat you wore in the picture in your November 8th post. It is a coat, yes? So very pretty! Since my roots are Swedish and Norwegian (although I'm an all American girl!), I love reading about your lives in Sweden and seeing the pictures.