Monday, June 15, 2009

So sick

So I went to Emporia Friday night on a whim, had a pretty good time. But hey, it's Emporia...I digress...

Drove home very early Saturday morning, feeling only slightly tired. So I ate some breakfast and decided to finish my night of sleep. I fell asleep at 9am and woke up around noon. Had some Chinese food with my family (who had been feeling REALLY under the weather for a day or 2), while I thought poor suckers, little did I know what was coming. So, I helped my mom fill some envelopes for the CASA 4 CASA event, and all the sudden needed to cough, and cough and cough and cough. I felt HORRIBLE! I went to my bed around 1pm, and slept till 8pm! I then suffered the whole night from an aching body, fever, cough, head ache and sharp pains shooting throughout my body! Oh, and to top it off, I have poison ivy on my left forearm and on my face! And nobody will give me medicine or cream or anything! I'm basically as miserable as I can be right now.

Today, I do feel much better. After a really amazing bath, I felt clean, and slightly rested. But this illness kick my butt! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be somewhat close to 100%. But I'm sad to hear today that my niece, Emma, is sick too.

On a jollyer note, I don't work at all this week. :)


  1. The coughing is how it started for the boys, too, and every time Ian laughed today it led to a 3 minute coughing fit.

    I am sorry Emma got hit with this too! Geez, it's epidemic!

    How did you get poison ivy on your left forearm and face and nowhere else? Why is MDK withholding the magical itch-be-gone cream we all know he has access to?!

  2. Please keep this illness in Kansas. Colorado does not need or want it! I am truly sorry for all the sickness, but really, keep it there ;~)

    Gran of The Dukes