Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dishwasher 101

Step 1:
Depending on the power of your dishwasher, rinse off your plate.

Step 2:
Open dishwasher. Usually there is a little handle or clutch type thing you barely need to squeeze or raise to release the door.

Step 3:
Put in utensils i.e. fork, knife, spoon, into the container specially made for holding utensils. Do not fill these too full, otherwise your untensils will not get clean.

Step 4:
Put plate, plates, bowl, pots, etc, in an appropriate section of the dishwasher. Note: It is best to place things next to each other, but NOT touching other things. There are spindles or hooks or whatever to separate your dishes. Dishwashers are made specifically to wash your dishes, so they are designed to help you to their fullest potential as long as you use about .5% of your brain power and use some common sense.

Step 5:
Close door. Make sure you hear a click! That means the door is all the way closed.

Step 6:
You probably don't even have to start it if you have a mom or a big sister to do it for you.

Note on all:
If the person who made dinner UNLOADED the dishwasher prior to cooking dinner and specifically states "hey guys, the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty", then you are definitely required to follow these EASY 6 steps.

I know most of my readers, all 3 of them, probably do this job numerous times a day. Probably already know the steps, and all the little tricks. But hopefully, ONE DAY, the one person I want to read this will read it. But most likely not. But it sure did feel good to vent it all out!

On a better note: I'm much better. Still struggling with the cough. I was better Monday, but then on Tuesday couldn't sleep and the fever came back with a vengence. My poor mom has just been put down though. She is still so so very sick. I'm working my booty off to help her as much as I can, but man, that woman must work HARD! I feel like I'm constantly cleaning up everybody elses mess! I know when she feels better, I'm gonna continue with the helping! You really appreciate somebody once you start doing their job.


  1. I already know these steps and you know it!! :)

  2. Well, Marshall says the best way to load the dishwasher is a bottle or two of wine. :) Ashley and Mikaela both have been great great helpers, babysitting, cooking, shoping, trash. Thanks! Love Mom

  3. There are many, many excuses for not running the dishwasher or for not loading it, for that matter. None are good enough. As you clearly stated: Just Do It, Already!

    I hope YaYa gets better soon!
    Gran of The Dukes

  4. Yaya DOES work hard and, like all the good Mom's I've ever known (first and foremost my own), she makes it look easy.

    I love your vow to keep up the helping even after she's fully recovered!