Monday, June 29, 2009

33 days...

33 DAYS! What?! Where did the summer go?

Had a very long conversation with Fredrik the other night, and in talking about how excited I am to move there, I actually started to express, out loud, my fears and anxiety about moving overseas. I've been having bad dreams that I get lost somewhere in Göteborg and I can't find my way home, or that I go out with Fredrik's friends and they all HATE me because I'm American, and the list goes on! I'm nervous! Fredrik, being absolutely wonderful, had only comforting and helpful things to say, but man, it's still scaring me a little bit.

My last day at Raintree I received a bracelet from one of the families that says "Embrace the journey" on it, I pretty much keep saying that to myself, and Fredrik reminds me often! Luckily I have that constant reminder.

All and all I'm still really excited, and I have so much to do in 33 days, during which I have 2 vacations planned! Next weekend is the Miller family reunion in Yankton, South Dakota for the 4th of July, and the next week is our annual family vacation in Delta-Drummond, Wisconsin! So I am a busy girl, I don't even have time to be nervous!


  1. ashley~
    you are going to have so much fun! do this now...while you are young & don't have any responsibilities (ie~a husband or children). it's normal to be nervous...this is a big change but, it's going to be so much fun! :)

  2. Without the fear and anxiety, the thrill would be minimal.

    It's going to be awesome!

    Remind yourself that people much less outgoing, intelligent and confident than yourself have taken the same leap. You are prepared to do it in style and with good humor; with people in both countries pulling for you, your success is assured!

  3. Go; Learn; Explore; Report!!

    Most people respond to respect and confidence! You will do your family, your country and yourself proud!!