Monday, July 6, 2009


I got home today around 6ish from our family reunion in Yankton, South Dakota. The weather was COLD when we first arrived Friday afternoon, and it was cold AND rainy all of Saturday, so we ended up shopping and sleeping! But around 5:30 the sun came out and we ended up having a really great BBQ with the Huerters, Claytons and Pipers. All of my dads brothers and sister were there! It's always a lot of fun to see my dad with his 5 brothers and 1, poor, lonely sister! I love seeing my cousins, their babies and how much they are growing up! I have decided not to go to our cabin in Wisconsin, so these are the only vacation pictures untill the BIG day! I can't believe I'm telling people, "I move this month!"! It's come so soon and I can't wait for it to FINALLY be here!

This is only a few of my cousins, Shawn, Jamie (who are brother and sister), me and Emily (sisters of course!) and Katie and Meagan (sisters). There are A LOT of my cousins who didn't come, but it was fun to see the ones that did come!

This is Uncle Jerry, Uncle Rich, Grandma Darlene, my dad, Aunt Chris, Uncle Tim, Uncle Steve and Uncle Nick! My dad is the baby of the family, can you tell?! :)

Best picture from the vacation, it was so great to spend time with my dad and sister, especially when I'm about to be gone for a year.

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