Sunday, August 30, 2009

being a tourist

We started the day at Järntorget, this is the stop I will be going to to get to my school where I will be taking Swedish classes for 4 weeks!We then made our way to the "fish church". This, apparently, is where the fishermen went/go? to pray. I'm not 100% about this place. It's a pretty building though!
We then walked to this Protestant church called Oscar Fredrik Kyrka. It's really beautiful and I was so surprised, because this is the first catherdral style church I have seen in Sweden.

Then we went back to the square and ate some Kebab. This is a Turkish meat, that is...roasted, then shaved and put over french fries and covered in garlic sauce and a small salad! It's incredibly delicious.
We then boarded a boat, which took a few stops, but we took this opportunity to take a lot of pictures. This was one of the high lights. This is a ship that sank back in the good ol' days. So the Swedes thought they should rebuilt this ship, out of the same materials they used back a million years ago. After they built it, they also decided to take it on the same route it went on, so they sailed it all the way to China! Way to go ship builders!The last stop on the boat was a place called Klippan. When we got off, we were pleasantly surprised to see a festival going on. We aren't sure what kind it was, but people were dressed up in "old time" clothes and were waltzing and we also saw a "battle" between the Swedes and the Danish. The guns were really big and loud and not a lot happened, but none the less, it was kind of cool.
The last thing we saw at Klippan was the Röda Sten (red rock) because well...the rock is red. I don't know the story behind it, and neither does Fredrik or his parents. I guess it just, got painted red, one day. And the gallery that shares the same "area" as this rock is also called Röda Sten, and they make sure the rock stays painted bright right. It's kind of cool and it definitely stands out!This was a big hill on the walk up to the church, and this picture has no significance, other than it has the man of my dreams in it! :) I love him, and should thank him way more often than I do for taking such good care of me and making sure I am having fun, am safe, and am happy. He is the best tour guide, fiance, and friend I could ever ever ask for! I'm so lucky I get to experience this with him!

SORRY my historical facts are kind of...well, stupid. It wasn't really a history lesson today, but you get the point!

PS. Sorry I'm not updating as often! BUT my weekdays are kind of boring, I take kids to and from school and cook dinner, so there isn't a lot to talk about! But once my Swedish classes start you will get the lovely privledge of learning a new Swedish word a day! So that's something to look forward to, right?! :)

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  1. You think your weekdays are boring, but you're over there carbonating your own Diet Coke! Some of this stuff must be starting to seem "normal" to you!