Tuesday, August 4, 2009

did you know...

...in Sweden you have to pay to use a public restroom

...there are hardly any public trashcans

...you walk REALLY fast EVERYWHERE!

...everybody dresses really nice, and the girls look like they are going to a fashion show or something!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it here. I'm getting used to everything really quickly and I think I'll have the buses and trains figured out really quickly too! The family is amazing, my house is amazing, the country is amazing, the people are amazing and most of all my boyfriend is amazing. He has helped so so so much! It's awesome to see him here as well, I get to see my sexy Swedish boyfriend in action! :)

I'll update more later! I promise!


  1. I LOVE the interesting points of your observations so far! Keep them coming!
    Glad you arrived safe and sound and ready for an 'amazing' adventure!

  2. You should fit in well then because you are AMAZING! Post some pictures of your room, the girls, F, the train - you know FML = Fredrik my life... Love you Ashley, Mom

  3. Sounds like the butterflies are gone!! That's awesome. I'm with Beth, can't wait for pictures!!