Wednesday, August 5, 2009

more FYI's

Sweden has HUGE disgusting looking slugs. They come out when it rains or is wet, which is often. The black ones are ok, not dangerous, but the browns ones are "murder slugs" or something like that, and they have no natural predators, so if too many come, you are overtaken with brown slugs. They are awful.

Swedes say "excuse me" hardly ever!

Everything here opens late and closes early!

I can't find a bike that fits me!

Everybody really IS blonde!

Göteborg is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been in! Or maybe it's because I'm usually walking next to the most gorgeous Swede I've ever met! :) Probably both!

I am SO shocked at how quickly Swedes, mostly Fredrik, can switch from Swedish to English and back so quickly, without a single problem. I met Fredrik's sister and her boyfriend last night and they were SO nice, and basically the whole conversation was in English for 2 hours! It's amazing! I'm so thankful they are all so nice to speak English for me!

I promise pictures are coming soon! I want to do it all in one fatal swoop! I took pictures of my house and the families house, next is some of the girls and probably Fredriks cabin, because that place is beauuuutifullll! We are going to visit Saturday and spend the day with his other sister and her boyfriend and his mom and dad! :) I can't wait!


  1. MURDER SLUGS?! Way to entice us all to come visit!

    Oh, and please to it in one fell swoop because a fatal swoop might kill me...

  2. Hahahaha Murder slugs =P.. Sounds like you're in Africa or Australia or something =P..

  3. Carry salt with you incase you are attacked by a brown slug. Salt is to slugs what a silver bullet is to a warewolf...or something like that. Teach them excuse me - what is it in Swedish?

  4. We only say excuse me when we have a reason to it. Why else would we say it? =P
    Excuse me = Ursäkta mig