Sunday, August 23, 2009

It can't be Sunday night already

I HATE Sunday nights, especially now, after having the most amazing weekend after weekend with Fredrik.

Our date Friday night was perfect. Fredrik even wore a tie! He looked amazing, he's the most handsome guy ever! I'm so lucky! I wore a regular old dress, I didn't look as smashing as him! We ate and Jensens Böfhus, and it was good! We had a gift card from his family, and we spent it all! 600kr! But we had an appetizer, he had 2 glasses of beer and I had 3 glasses of wine! YEA THREE! :) And our meals of course. It was delicious! And we spent like...2 and a half hours at the restraunt, so that was nice. I love being around him!

Then Saturday we went and bought 2 kilos of crayfish! Thaaaat was fun, and smelly. Haha, they have "fish houses" at almost every grocery store, and that's where we went. And then we went to System Bolaget to buy the booze! We bought a big bottle of Schnapps, 12 bottles of Pripps Blå and a box of Black Tower white wine. I thought, this is a lot of alcohol. BUT we drank it all! We got to Anton's with Sofia around 5:15 and the boys got the food ready, the crayfish were already boiled, so they warmed up some bread and got drinks ready and then it was time to eat! I had the pleasure of snapping a crayfish in half, breaking away the shell covering it's tail, cleaning out the mud vein, and dipping it in Aioli sauce (garlic sauce) and eating it. It actually was SO good! It was just a lot of work for a little amount of food. Our "trash plate" had SO much on it, it seemed kind of wasteful, but regardless, it was a blast! We (Fredrik, Sofia and Anton, NOT me) sang drinking songs and took shots of schnapps! That was fun! Hearing those 3 sing and then I joined in and shouted "Skål!" and we took our shot! We did that a couple of times!

After me and Sofia cleaned up, we sat and "chilled" and Anton brought out his delicious dessert he made! It took him aaaaaaall day to make it! It was a really yummy cup with a cracker crust, chocolate pudding, lemon custard, raspberries, and chocolate chips! It was great! THEN we played Lips! Oh yea, that was fun! It's an XBOX game you sing to, kind of Karoke Revolution. That was so fun! Finally Fredrik and I left around 1:30 and we MISSED our tram, so we called a taxi, haha. Well, Fredrik called the taxi, he takes such good care of me!

How delicious does that look!? :)

Then today, I didn't get out of bed untill 2pm! I woke up earlier, but didn't want to move! I drank a huge glass of Soda Stream and fell back asleep! We were SO lazy! We watched 5 episodes of From G's to Gents on MTV! How sad is that?!

Thanks to Sofia and Anton for hosting us, it was so much fun and I can't wait to hang out with them more over the next year!

Revelation-Swedish houses have these weird wall mount things that are their heaters, and I noticed today (which is stupid and should just be obvious) they don't have vents for central heating OR air conditioning! They don't even have air conditioning. I know to some people this seems completely obvious, but for me and a Kansan, I can't imagine gettin through the 3-4 hot, relentless months of summer without an AC!

System Bolaget-This is the Swedish government owned chain of liquor stores. You go in, walk around and find whatever it is you want, get a basket or a bag, and take what you want. It's kind of funny, beacuse the bottles of beer, wine, liquor, etc. are on display, in a sense. And you don't grab a six pack or a twelve pack, you can get as many bottles as you would like. You can go in and just get 1 bottle of beer, if you'd like. Then you take it all up and the person at the register rings each bottle up separately, and you buy your bag and bag it up yourself and leave happy with your bottles of beer clanking around in your plastic bag!And I'll leave you with this beautiful imagine of Fredrik and I. How wonderful.


  1. Thanks for putting that awesome picture up!

  2. WOW! What a fun weekend! Thank goodness you have to work this week, or we would be exhausted from reading your lovely pros. I love the picture of the table. Even the plates match. Too fun! Drive safe this week - Love Mom and Mush