Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This morning, in Lerum, it was -3C! Which is less than freezing! There was ice on the windshield! Yea, can you believe that?! Sweden IS cold! The past 2 days have been really nice, no clouds and plenty of sunshine! But definitely cold! Fredrik and I met in the park for lunch and it was almost too cold to have a picnic! It isn't even October yet!

I forgot to write about last Friday. There is a Swedish "happy hour" here and it's called "After Work". It's almost exactly like happy hour, only you buy your glass of beer and you get a plate with it and you eat buffet style food. We met 2 of the guys from my class. It was so nice! We went to a place called the Rumpan Bar, and had beers, mojitos and a lot of delicious food! Hopefully we will do it again!

The Swedish word of the day is "öl" which means "beer" and is pronounced "uhl". SO, I know this is what everybody wants to know. "jag skulle vilja ha en öl, tack" "I would like to have a beer, please!" "yah skulle vilya ha en uhl, tack!"

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