Sunday, October 4, 2009


Although they look good, they weren't! We threw them all away! How sad. It's quite difficult for me to either translate a recipe, convert "our" measurement into "their" measurement, or figure out all the ingredients i.e. yeast! Sheesh. Regardless, it was fun to cook with Fredrik! :) And the reason we did this was because here in Sweden it was Kanelbulle Dag! Cinnamon Roll day! Lucky us! And even though ours didn't turn out, Fredrik woke up nice and early and went and bought us some good cinnamon rolls!

The Swedish word of the day is "kanelbulle" which obviously means "cinnamon bun" and is pronounced like it looks! For English speakers, don't forget to say the "e", there aren't silent "e's" in Swedish! :)


  1. Kanelbully? That doesn't sound very nice! Does America have a cinnamon roll day, or do we eat enough that we don't need one?

  2. Thank goodness we know what this means! It's way better than the Canable Dog I thought it might be. How fun!