Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jag kommer från USA

At first I said "Jag kommer från America" and was immediately corrected! No, you don't say America, you say "oooo essss aaaah" Oooook teacher!

Today, the 2nd day of class was just like yesterday. A lot of learning and a lot of focusing! I really like it though. There is something...sweet, about learning the native language of your fiance, I guess. :)

So in my class, there is a girl from Germany and a girl from Austria, they are both au pairs, which initially made me really excited but since they both speak German, I get left out! I feel like I'm in the 3rd grade again! I'm all upset because I don't fit in! Haha. But I do stick with a nice group of "older" people whom I get a coffee with on our 30 minute break. A guy from New Zealnd, a guy from London, a guy from Switzerland (not to be confused with Sweden, Sarah!) and a woman from Holland. They are all really nice and all 3 of the men are married to Swedish women, so that's kind of cool to talk about.

The Swedish word of the day is "lärare" which is "teacher" and pronounced "lahrahre".
"Jag är lärare"-"I am a teacher". " yah air lahrahre".

Note-to all Swedish speakers who might happen to be reading this, it's a loose explination of the words, and very simple one at that, so don't judge me or correct me if you see a minor error or deatil. It's ok, let it go. :)


  1. Switzerland, Sweden, Syracuse...what's the difference?!


    I find it hard to pronounce these words without opening my mouth as wide as I possibly can...is this normal?

  2. Haha "yah air lahrahre" reminds me of a very funny Swedish tv show called "Hip Hip".. it's good for you who are learning Swedish.. ask Fidde about it =P

  3. Sarah! The teacher is ALWAYS telling us to open our mouth wider! baaaaaaahrn jaaaaaaaaaaag ooooooooch. haha. so no, its normal! :)

  4. That is so funny...I kept thinking I must look ridiculous trying to form those words with my mouth!