Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ahem is something Fredrik does before he switches from English to Swedish. He doesn't literally say "ahem" but he does clear his throat, and he did this unknowingly until I pointed it out. Well in my Swedish class, I have found that I say "ahem" before I have to read out loud or say something about myself in Swedish. Maybe this is the international way of switching from English to Swedish. I don't know, but it helps, I guess. :)

The Swedish word/words of the day are "svenska" och (and) "Sverige". They mean "swedish" and "Sweden". Svenska is pronounced the way it looks and Sverige is pronounced "sveriyuh"...kind of. The "r" is slightly rolled. It's more a flip of the tongue! :)
"Jag talar lite svenska"-"I speak a little Swedish". "yah tohlar leete svenska."
"Vi bor i Göteborg, Sverige."-"We stay in Gothenburg, Sweden."."vee bor ee yuteborg, sveriyuh"

Note-the "g" sound is really awkward, some words it's a weird "yuh" sound and in other words it's just a normal "g". Also, the "i" is pronunced "ee" and it comes from an awkward place in your throat that most English speakers cannot find!

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  1. Hahaha it's so funny when you wrote how to pronounce the swedish words =P.. Hahaha