Monday, September 21, 2009

2 things...

Just TWO little things I've noticed that I think you at home might find interesting:

1. People here spit, a lot. Not everybody, so I don't want any Swedes to let me have it and say oh no, I don't spit on anything, but really...a lot of Swedes do. I've never seen that before! Not in a public place anyway. You will be sitting and waiting for the train and then you look down and notice your feet are in somebody else's spit! It's really disgusting! I thought only farmers did that! My mom always told me how disgusting and rude it is to spit, so maybe that's why I'm so flabbergasted by it! You also see little snus packets everywhere on the streets and sidewalks. Sometimes they stick to the bottom of your shoe! How horrible!

2. People getting on public transportation abandon all rules of manners and being polite. If you have a bus or tram to get on, you get on it, whether or not there are many other people waiting or many other people trying to get off. No matter what, you push your way on and push your way to the closest seat. It's really something I don't think I will ever get accustomed to. I'll continue to have my small town attitude, no public transportation experience, and polite manners. I have yet to miss a bus or tram due to being polite and simply waiting on a few people to shuffle their way off!

The word of the day is "tÄg" which means "train" and is pronounced "tog".


  1. Spitting is the worst thing ever. When I worked at the Natural History Museum, children would spit from the second floor over the rail. It was terrible, mostly because I sat down there. Germs, germs, germs. That's probably how you got your cold. Love Mom

  2. hey ashley! nice blogg. you are cute too!!