Monday, October 26, 2009

Hint taken, Sarah!

Thanks Sarah! :) But it's been a busy past few days! With a surprise birthday party for me, bowling, pumpkin carving and Fredrik breaking his arm! :)

Yes, Saturday we went bowling with Hanna and Andreas (Fredriks sister and her fiance). After we went to his parents house for dinner with his sisters, their boyfriends, and his parents. After dinner, they cleaned up and when we went back to he table there was a surprise dessert waiting for me! AND presents! :) Ann made me a chocolate cake, even with writing on it! Usually here, you just eat "kladdkaka" or "sugar cake" which is soooo delicious, but my cake was awesome! And his sisters gave me 2 books, a really nice scarf and a card. His mom and dad already bought me 3 pairs of shoes a few weeks ago, but got me a really nice card (that is even in English!) It was so nice and thoughtful, and really made me feel loved and a part of their family! I really love the new extension of my family, I'm really lucky!

Sunday, Fredrik and I carved our first pumpkin together! We named him Gert, which is pronounced "Jert" so it's fun to called it a Gert-o-lantern. So lame. But I think he turned out great! And it was so good to do something new with Fredrik, that he had never done before. He really loved the smell, picking out all the seeds, and cleaning them! :) He did a great job, and I think he likes the seeds. His family certanily likes them! I roasted them with garlic salt, worchestershire sauce, salt and butter!

And then there was today. Monday morning, the beginning of a long week with the girls off of school on fall break. So, I'm just down at the house getting some coffee made and my phone rings at 8am, and it's Fredrik's mom. Never a good sign. She tells me Fredrik has broken his arm playing soccer and she is headed to the hospital. Ugh. Can you feel more helpless! 30 miles away, in a foreign country, and not able to drive a car there! I nearly broke down crying! But, I trusted Ann to be there and to let me know what was going on. Finally, I talk to Fredrik and he doesn't sound too bad. He get's his x-rays, yes needs surgery. We THOUGHT it was going to be today so Mireille (my host mom) can come home early from work and I head into Göteborg. Call from Ann, nope, just get on the bus and go to the house, Fredrik will have surgery on THURSDAY! I repeat, THURSDAY! WHAT?! Oh, I was not happy about this. But there is nothing we can do. I just have to watch the person I love more than anything in this world suffer with his little temporary cast, while his bones rub on each other, for 3 days. I feel so angry about that! But he's so tough. He never complained! The only time pain showed was when he moved wrong and his face winced just a little bit. Other than that, he doesn't want help and doesn't want sympathy. This is a good sign for the rest of our future, because from what I hear, guys are real whimps when it comes to sickness and pain. But my man is tough, and a real trooper! So we will see how Thursday goes, and if all goes well, my trooper thinks we are still goin to Copenhagen Friday night. We will see!
Only he could look this adorable with a broken arm! The break is right where the tape is. From what he and his mom told me, the "big bone" is broken and laying over each other and twisted like a screw as well. This is one tough guy, I think!

The Swedish word of the day is "bruten arm" which is "broken arm" and is pronounced how it looks!


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Gert is AWESOME! I love that he is a traditional, but not so traditional, jack-o-lantern--as opposed to the extra fancy ones people have gotten into here. Don't get me wrong, they are cool, but way too complicated for me. So sorry to hear about Fredrik's arm. It sounds really painful. Give him a hug from us and wish him the best for his surgery. --Leslie

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Fredrik. Why in the heck does he have to wait so long for surgery? Tell him to hang in there.

    Call me tomorrow when you have time.


  3. I love your posts whenever you have to do them. I seriously meant that your last few posts have not registered on my blog roll, even though I deleted and re-installed your link twice! Go check it out on The Dukes of Lawrence- it has your most recent post as 2 weeks ago and you've posted several times since then!

    I do, however, love my name in your post title. What I would love better is a piece of that cake!

  4. The scary face - did you pose for that pumpkin?! Too funny, can't wait to show Emma! F looks like he was feeling no pain :) and I hope that true and didn't wear off :) So very happy you are loved by F's family - but then how could they not. Thanks for the pictures the cake is just too cool.