Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's been a bit longer than usual. But it's always discouraging to want to write when nobody leaves comments! Come on people! :)

Regardless, this week has been great. Fredrik and I joined my classmates on Thursday night for a really wonderful dinner. We all met, about 11 of us, and went and searched for a place to eat on Linnégatan. This is one of the busiest streets in Göteborg, with tons of café's, restaurants and bars. Here in Sweden, it is a bit more difficult to find a restaurant, on the fly, who can seat 10 or more people. So we were standing in front of various places asking the head waiter if it was possible, when we were standing in front of a nice place and a lady walked out and TOLD us to come in. There was nobody in there! That always makes you a bit skeptical to eat there, but none the less, it was delicious and was a really good time. I love being in Göteborg at night, it's so exciting to me!

Yesterday, Fredrik and I made a trip to Alingsås, which is a really typical Swedish town. We just walked around and looked at various things, and came home and I made a really delicious lasagne!

Also, yesterday was what I like to call 'Grandma Fran Day'. 10-10 was my grandmothers birthday, and since she has passed away, we have always celebrated her life by eating dessert before dinner. I upheld this tradition, even in Sweden! Fredrik was a little put off, as Swedes NEVER eat sweets before a meal, but I explained that I HAD to! Pictures to come, I promise. This day was also a bit more special because my mom has sent me my grandmothers wedding ring and band, and that is what I will be wearing throughout my life married to Fredrik. We were looking for an antique, gold, simple ring, and my mom had this great idea, that I should wear this one. I am so happy. The ring is beautiful and I'm incredibly honored to be wearing it. It was worn throughout 47 years of happiness, and I hope it does the same for me. Again, pictures to come!

The Swedish word of the day is "förlovningsring" which means "engagement ring" and is pronounced "furlovningsring". Don't forget to roll your R!

And it only seems appropriate to add "grandma" to the list. In the case of my mothers mother, she would have been "mormor". Fathers mother is "farmor" fathers father is "farfar" and mothers father is "morfar" I won't go into it now, but all your relatives, in Swedish, get special titles based on what side of the family you belong. It's a little confusing, but actually makes sense! I hadn't realized when you talk about your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, you always have to specifically specify which side of the family they belong!


  1. Sorry, we've had some busy weeks!

    I love your family's way of celebrating the life of Grandma Fran, what a fun way to remember someone so loved. It's so neat that every time you look at your left hand or someone comments on your rings that you will think of her, too, and all the qualities you admire in her.

    What a fun time your life. Your excitement and enthusiasm is evident in every post!

  2. Hey - I comment - except on the sad song, what was there to say! The Dukes are very good to comment too.

    Is your class now over? Where were the other people from in your class?

    The word for engagement reminds me of for the love of the ring - too cool. I'm still sticking with yaya.

  3. Thanks for the Swedish lessons! I won't remember the words, but I love trying them out. The restaurant lady was great to invite you all into her place and then followed through with a good meal. Good for you all!

    It is so sweet that you want to wear your Grandmother's rings. I can tell she was something really special to your family and all the people who loved her and she still has a piece of your heart. My Grandma was like that, too.