Friday, November 13, 2009


I went to IKEA for the 2nd time this week with Mireille. I went one time with Fredrik, and we went on a Sunday afternoon, so it wasn't very enjoyable, way too crowded! But going on a Wednesday night was really enjoyable! I wanted a lot of new and smell good candles! I bought 4 new candles, a star shaped string of lights and Mireille bought me a blanket and a mirror!

Other than the IKEA trip, this week has been pretty boring. I have stayed home with Caitlin everyday since Wednesday because she is "sick".

Today Fredrik went to the doctor for his 2 week checkup after his surgery. They took out 15 stitches out of 3 incisions. He doesn't have to wear the cast anymore, just a plastic thing to protect it, and he can take it off when he showers and 4-5 times a week when he does his exercises to help his hand get back to the way it was, or close to it anyway. We are both so happy he doesnt have to wear the cast and he can start getting his arm and hand back to normal. He does have a plate and some screws in his arm, and the doctor didn't know if that would set off the metal detectors at the airport (what kind of doctor doesn't know that?), so that is something we can deal with later, I guess! But I'm really happy for my buddy!

The Swedish word of the day is "HĂ„kan" which is Fredrik's dad's name! :) It's pronounced "Hoakan". :)

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  1. Did the Ikea remind you of Wisconsin and the Mall of America? haha. Make sure F does his exercises it will make a huge difference when he's my age. :) Thank you too for the name. We don't hear much about him. Love you - have a good week.