Thursday, November 5, 2009

My fiance wants me to eat blood...

...a very creepy title...I know.

But really, he does. He wants me to eat blood pudding. Now I was going to write a whole entry about this and in doing some research found another blog from an American living in Sweden and his version is so funny and really captures how I would feel if I had done this myself as well. So I will let you read it and see for yourself.


The Swedish word of the day is "vampyr" which is, yes, "vampire" and is pronounced kind of how it looks. Again, that "y" sound is really hard to make, so usually my way of faking it is making a weird "ewwyyyrr" sound at the end. I tend to laugh when I say words like this, because it's pretty hard to take myself seriously saying vampire in Swedish, especially when it looks like that.


  1. Oh too bad you can't try it you don't eat meat. :). His story was great and the pictures were fun too. Don't you wonder who the first person was to make it, try it, and then serve it to others? Love Mom

  2. I know! It's sooo grosse! I ate it a few times in school and never again!
    whatever you do, DON'T EAT IT!! =P