Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a lucky lady

I'M the lucky lady. Friday night Fredrik decided he would be the one to cook dinner. And did he ever! He cooked me a delicious 3 course meal! :)

To start was an appetizer of mango, avacado, crawfish with sweet chili thai sauce mixed with olive oil, lemon and corriander.

Then he cooked kantarell sauce (kantarell is the Swedish mushroom that we pick in the forest and are like 400kr for one kilo. That's about 60 bucks for 2 pounds. Thank god we picked a TON this summer and fall and froze them! :) The sauce is basically kantarell, with this brown stuff that makes it thick and some whipping cream. He also made chicken and fresh noodles! And garlic bread, as you can see!

Then we had our Glögg and amazing dessert. The dessert was melted white chocolate, mixed with heavy whipping cream and one egg. Topped with raspberries and grated milk chocolate. I ate mine AND his! :)
Our glögg and our bottle of wine. Don't worry, we drank it all, plus some! :)Glögg mugs are so small and cute! I love them!And notice the christmas curtains. Pretty much everybody in Sweden replaces their everyday (and useless) curtains, so Christmas curtains. I think it's so cute, so I bought myself some for when Fredrik and I are celebrating Christmas for the first time in the US. So he can feel a little bit at home! :)

I hope he does this again. It was such a treat to not cook, sit and relax, and not clean up afterwards! I was so full, too! He did a great job!

The Swedish word of the day is "middag" which means "dinner".


  1. How BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful treat to have a husband who can cook like that. The presentation was spectacular! I love reading your stories and can't wait for some new traditions for next year.

  2. I love that you are looking ahead and picked up those curtains for next year. Those will be fun Swedish traditions for the family you become together to carry on. That all looks delicious, tell him we said two thumbs up!!