Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here in Lerum, it has been snowing every single night and quite a bit during the day. It doesn't really stay long, but there is a light layer of snow on the trees and ground. It's actually really nice and looks beautiful. In Göteborg, since it is so close to the sea, the snow doesn't get a chance there. Sometimes enough comes to actually accumulate, but not as much as it does in Lerum. But they are saying there is a really big chance of a white Christmas this year! That would be amazing!

This is what I woke up to Monday morning!
The stairs leading up to my house.
Outside the kitchen looking up to my house. Not a ton of snow, but enough! :)
The Swedish word of the day is "snö" which is obviously "snow" and is pronounced "snuh". I think this is a funny word to say!


  1. This is beautiful, great pictures. Is your house warm and cozy?

  2. It was awesome! You are great too girl, have a very nice christmas and I´ll see you soon again, count on it! <3