Friday, January 1, 2010

Gott Nytt år!

Last night we celebrated New Years 7 hours ahead of all my friends and family! We spent it amongst really wonderful friends! Sofia and Anton hosted a dinner and party. New Years in Sweden is something I will never forget. It's Swedens version of the 4th of July! Fire works galore! It was really spectacular. At 11:45 we all wrapped up and got our warm clothes on and trecked outside. People started fire works and we counted down and opened champagne! It was truly magical. Kissing your honey, in a foreign country, under hundreds of fire works, in the cold, with snow and ice all around...doesn't get any more romantic! :)

The bus ride was also something I'll never forget. We met a lot of fun, crazy, drunk Swedes on our 1 hour bus ride home. Fredrik talked to some folks, some people figured out I was American, and that was pretty exciting. We talked to 4 gay guys about being engaged. It was actually really fun! And go Sweden, for having such great public transportation. It was comforting to know none of those people were attempting to get home by car.

I promise I will post pictures from my whole festive holiday! We have 1 weekend left, and by god, I'm going to enjoy it!

Welcome to 2010! :)

The Swedish word of the day is "romantisk" which is....yes..."romantic".


  1. Can hardly wait to see the pix. Sounded fantastic in the background when you called. Exciting indeed. Happy 2010! --Leslie

  2. May this New Year bring you dear friends and dear memories. May you cherish both.

    Gran of The Dukes
    Colorado, USA