Saturday, January 2, 2010

This bridge

Last night Fredrik and I headed out for an hour and a half long walk to this bridge. Fredrik lives on a big hill in Sweden that looks over all of Gothenburg, so last night our short walk ended up being a walk to this bridge. We walked half way across so we could see the amazing view. It was really exciting to walk across such a huge bridge! I'd never done that before. I think we are going to make it our goal to walk to as many such places as we can. Good exercise and new experiences! That's what the New Year is about, right? :) Wonder where we will go today?

The Swedish word of the day is "bro" which is "bridge". No, it's not short for brother. :) This bridge is called the Älvsborgsbron.


  1. Beautiful and such a wonderful memory! Where is your snow? It's -2 here today, no short walks here. Love you Mom

  2. How romantic, what a memorable evening! You have to ask some bystanders to snap photos of the two of you on some of these walking excursions so we can see your smiling faces!

  3. How beautiful and romantic. Were you scared you might fall off? Walks are special times to talk and take in the view. Keep up the walks you'll cherish them. Love, Dad