Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mycket snow

Much snow. That's all I have to say or can write about. It's all it has been doing here the past week. Everyday it snows! It's kind of magical and kind of frustrating. But in all honesty, I'm getting so used to driving in it, shoveling it, and walking it in, I'm just...used to it. Even though I do fondly look back on when I first arrived and it was so green, with trees, and grass and flowers. How I LONG for that! But soon enough. I can already see the longer daylight, which is comforting. I think it's an extra hour in the morning and afternoon every month. Yay! 2 hours is actually a lot of time, when you really think about it. Mmmm...I want this back!

This is the car of a friend of Ernest and Mireille. Their car broke down while they were here on a trip from Holland. So now, the car just sits here and accumulates snow. It's what I get to look at everytime I go up to my house.

And that is also my terrible, scary staircase that I get to shovel everytime it snows. I spent a good 2 hours shoveling this last week, and then it was sunny, and I put rock down and everything and was SO proud because they were safe and the sun melted the ice. The next day is snowed. I hate these stairs! They don't even look like stairs! Just a frightening snow slide!

And, the mailboxes. Our is the green one!

So this video is your everyday Swedish thing. It's sort of a strip mall, you can enter some stores on the outside, but you also go inside and enter the stores from there. It's nice for nice weather or crappy weather. The name of the center is "Solkatten" which means "The sun cat". Don't ask me. So, here is a little film of the Lerum townsquare during the snow falling. It's about 3 in the afternoon. When I point, that's my little red Kia Picanto parked, so cute, huh?! :)


  1. Thanks for the video! I saw the Swedish person even though you didn't point but I'm glad you pointed out your car- hahaha!

    I love snow but admittedly I'm not involved to any substantial degree in the removal of snow from any surface.

  2. Now we all understand why in the summer they are crazy wild and hangout all day and party every minute the sun is out. I loved seeing your finger :) Love Mom

  3. Those are some wicked scary stairs! Be careful!
    Thanks for the video!