Friday, February 5, 2010

Glorious morning!

This is what I woke up to. It was absolutely beautiful. The video doesn't even do it justice. Aside from the poor lighting, you can't hear the birds chirping or the smell of chimney smoke. I needed a refreshing, sunny morning like this. I did my best to capture it, but of course, memories are always better than pictures. This is the view from the garage area. It's looking down towards our driveway. the first house is the family's house, then the guest house, my house is the one WAYYY up top tucked in the forest. Then of course, my car and the garage.

The rest of these are some pictures I took while on a short walk.

Icesicles outside of my house.

And up the driveway!

So aside from taking awesome sunrise pictures, tomorrow, Fredrik and I will make dinner for his family. I love to cook, and I love to cook for a lot of people. I think I'm going to make an Italian Cesear salad, Chicken Parmesean with Garlic Butter French Baguette and for dessert a Lingonberry Parfait with Almond Tuiles. I think I might even dip into some Italian Soda making. It's pretty easy, but who knows, some people are a little turned off by mixing milk with carbonated water! :) Who knows!

The Every day thing! In honor of the weekend!

The Swedish word is "öl" which is "beer" and pronounced "uhl". Pripps is the Brand and "blå" means "blue" and is pronounced "bloah". This isn't the only Swedish brand either, but it's definitely a favorite. I think it's their equivalent to Bud Light. It's pretty cheap.


  1. This is fabulous! Things are always better in the morning - especially one as beautiful as this one. Love Mom

  2. ps I nearly cried hearing your little feet crunching the snow - sniff sniff.

  3. I can't describe for you well enough Ian's excitement over that close up of your car. We watched it three times! Great pictures, just gorgeous.