Monday, February 8, 2010


As you might have noticed from my newly revised list of blogs I follow, I found a lot of new blogs that I'm really into! They are all about cooking though! I have always loved cooking, but I am the kind of person that needs to be inspired by something to do it. Such as in high school, I was taking 2-3 art classes at a time, so I was painting and drawing ALL the time! Now, if I read these blogs, it makes me want to cook all the time. Plus, I have a nice situation here. They buy the groceries and I get to cook. I love it! Now, I love to cook food I know people will eat. There are a lot of great recipes, but they turn people off. And, I'm cooking for a 10 and 12 year old. So tonight I started with a grilled cheese. But this had, butter, garlic salt, gouda, parmesan, cheddar, pesto and and Italian black olive paste, and for the girls, some ham. They loved it! It was really good I might add. Pretty simple, but it's fun to add some interesting things to a normal meal. Tomorrow I'm going to make them "brinner" and try out some egg, bacon and cheese muffins! Mums! (yummy in Swedish!)

Also, I got great news last night, I get next week off! And Fredrik has it off too! So yay! The girls have "sportlov" which is a week they take in February (week 7, they label each week, I can't keep track of what week we are on, ever!) to go do sport stuff, usually skiing. So it's our version of Spring Break only a little earlier. Ernest parents are coming from Holland to help them pack (they are moving into the city in the summer, but to have the relator take pictures we have to put extra stuff away). So I get the week away from the house and away from work! I'm really happy about this. I needed a week to myself, and to spend with Fredrik. We are on a tight budget and saving to move to the US, but hopefully we can find some nice things to do together.

AND this Thursday we are all going to the Concert House to watch Andreas Brantelid who is a Swedish/Danish celloist. It's going to be so great! I love concerts and Mireille has seen him before and said it's so beautiful. It will be nice to do something with the girls and Mireille away from the house. And I won't be in charge! Just time to relax!

The Swedish thing of the day is Lingon Sylt. Lingon berries are very popular in Sweden. They resemble cranberries and have a similar taste. This jar is REALLY expensive, you can get the same thing in a plastic tube for a quarter of the price. I don't know if there is a different in taste or quality, but this is what we keep in our house. They eat this with meat balls and mashed potatoes, which is a VERY typical Swedish meal. You can also use it on pancakes and I recently used it in a frozen whipped cream dessert. Really tasty! I don't really like it on meat or with potatoes, but I think Fredrik could eat it everyday if I let him! :) Don't know what he is going to do in the US without it!

The Swedish word of the day is "köttbullar" which means "meatballs". Now this word is HILARIOUS for me to say because it sounds like "shuhtbullar". So...kind of sounds like "shitbullar". Yea. I can't say it without joking about it! I'm SO mature!


  1. I will check out those interesting blogs you have linked over there! ->
    Cooking makes me happy, too ;)

    Gran of The Dukes
    Colorado, USA

  2. I will shop and you can cook for us when you get home! :) We're very excited to see what you come up with.

  3. I am with you. I love to cook when I have people around that like to eat it. I love trying new recipes, too. We will have to exchange some cooking tips and/or recipes when you get back. You can cook at our house anytime you feel like it. ;) --Leslie

  4. Good News! They have Lingon Sylt at World Market!