Thursday, March 4, 2010

cupcakes, muffins, and more

I have now made over 100 cupcakes in less than 24 hours.

Right now:
Waiting for the last batch to be done, so I can clean up my mess.

Next to me:
A glass of vitamin C water and the book "The UnDutchables".

Waiting for:
Friday night.

In my tummy:
One of the homemade tortillas I made last night with butter, cinnamon and sugar. :)

A big blue sweater and fuzzy turquoise socks my mom sent me. Caitlin is at home today, so I get to sit around in comfy clothes and bake.

Listening to:
Caitlin sniffle and the ticking of the oven.

Why Caitlin has such hard science and math homework!

Fredrik for forgiving me no matter what I do.

Happy about:
The fact that I made all these cupcakes and muffins and some really cute Swedish kids are goin to enjoy them tonight!

I've really grown to enjoy the quiet. Spending time with a 10 and 12 year old can do that to you. So today, while Caitlin is "under the weather", it's nice to just sit and bake and she is quiet, for once. :)

This weekend we have plans to have dinner with some good friends and other than that, not much. I think Fredrik is really concerned about the fact that I've never seen The Lord of the Rings, so heck...we might rent 1 or 2 and be bums on Sunday. I wouldn't mind!

The Swedish thing of the day is a normal Saturday afternoon table. Includes remotes, necessary alcohlic beverages, newspaper, bowls filled with nuts and chips, the table cloth thing that every table in the house has, candles and half a cup of cold coffee from the morning. And of course, the camera!

The word of the day is "börd" which is "table" and pronoucned "buhrd" Kind of like bird, but kind of not. :)


  1. I love a day of baking!
    I hope your weekend is fun for you no matter what you do! :)

  2. For a while there I know you were missing Kansas so much, and I know you still do in many ways- especially all your people here- but I bet there will be days in Kansas when you will reminisce and miss Sweden!

  3. I just love to read your writings. Maybe you should write songs and sing them that would be just perfect. You are such a good Mary Poppins, that's what I tell Emma you are doing. Enjoy every minute as they are really passing very fast. Love Mom