Monday, May 17, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, it is graduation time here in Sweden as well. They do it a bit different here This is Fredrik's cousin Therese. She is wearing a simple dress, with the traditional Swedish graduation hat. Looks like a sailors hat. And all that junk around her neck are gifts and flowers from her friends and family. Nice of them to give her all this stuff, huh? :)

Basically, the Swedish graduation is like ours, only with it's own twists and flare! They have a ceremony like ours, but it's a lot less formal. As you can see, no gowns, no square hats. Although the boys do wear a suit and tie and the girls wear a nice dress, which I think is usually white or mostly white.

After the "ceremony" they go to be greeted by friends and family, who adorn them with gifts and get their picture taken. After that they go around in taxis or cars and some schools rent huge dump trucks for all the students to go around together on holding signs and posters and screaming and shouting through the town. Sounds fun!

Each family makes their graduate a sign that has a picture of them when they were small (usually embarrassing), their name, the day and year they are graduating and which school they are graduating from (in Sweden you chose a school at 16, and you learn a vocation. i.e Fredrik chose to learn mostly about cars). The posters are really big and very sturdy and are on a stick, so they can carry them around. You have to go to a special place (like kinkos) and get it made. Fredrik still has his. He's so cute!

Then after the riding around they go home, much like we do. Have a party with your family and once you can get away from that party you go away with your friends and have a great night!

I like the way we do graduation, but this way also seems like a lot of fun! My brother and sister graduated from high school this weekend! How proud I am! Congrats Brad and Mikaela!

The Swedish thing of the day is some cheese. Haha. Sweden has the largest variety of cheeses. Even at the smallest store, they have a huge isle dedicated to cheese. It's so important. This
particular cheese went a little hard on the bottom so I was advised to cut it off and throw it away. But hey, why not take advantage and create a love message. Stupid me. This cheese is like the cheese you imagine a little mouse coming out of. It has holes and everything.

The Swedish word of the day is "grattis" which means "congratulations". You also use it on birthdays too. Congratulations on your birthday!

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  1. Love it! I'm particularly hopeful Fredrik still has those white fancy shoes he's wearing in his graduation picture. They would be perfect for the wedding! :) The picture of you looking through the I love you - well it's a bit "cheesy" don't you think. (giggle giggle) Love you - Mom