Monday, June 14, 2010


Previously, I posted a picture taken at 10:30 at night. This now is 10:30 at night here (about a week ago), taken from the balcony from Fredrik and I's bedroom to our "backyard". June 26th is the longest day of the year and that is still more than 10 days away! Imagine how light it will be then! And the sun goes up around 3:30 now. It's amazing the amount of light. Fredrik told me we get something like 10 hours more light than we got on the shortest day of the year. It's incredible!

This weekend we took the Express Stena line boat to Denmark. We went to Frederikshavn, which is on the opposite side of Copenhagen. We drove to a place called Skagen, which is where two ocean's meet. It was incredible. Pictures to come!

Tomorrow is my last day with my family. Mixed emotions, bitter sweet. I sketched some pictures when I first came and I have framed those and will give them to the girls. One is a woman's sillouette for Caitlin and the other is Tara's violin for Tara. I think they really fit the personalities of the girls. Hopefully they like them as much as I do! :) And tomorrow I will make a really big Greek meal for them. Yum!
Speaking of food, I have been contenplating what to do with my blog once I have moved back home. The only people who read are people who are interested in my life here. But it's still fun to write. I think it might turn into a food blog. Although there are countless amounts of food blogs, it might be fun to document my cooking and recipes, since I love it so much. What do you think? Would anybody who reads this be interested in continuing to read that type of blog? And I would still do my Swedish thing and word of the day, because I intend to keep speaking Swedish and loving Sweden.

The Swedish thing of the day is Tara's whole school singing on their last day. This is when the 5th graders "graduate" and they all say good bye to each other. It's what every school does on every last day of school. It's really sweet and hearing 300 something Swedish children sing is so adorable. Apologies for the bad video/audio, but you get the picture. :)

The Swedish word of the day is "hej dÄ" which means "good bye" and is pronounced "hey doah" or sometime "hey da". Depends on where you are from, I guess. ;)


  1. I will read anything you write about, Ashley!
    This past year has been filled with incredible experiences and you documented them so well in words, photos and video.

  2. I would love to read your food blog. What will you call it? Central American Stove? :) Please do keep writing; it's fun for me to get to know you in this way!

  3. I would absolutely read it. As you know, I enjoy cooking as well, and I like to read your writing. You are so creative and make every day life interesting. --Leslie :)

  4. Maybe a newlywed blog. The new life you and your husband build in a new country (for him).