Sunday, June 20, 2010

cake #1

I think it's a little flower heavy. What do you think? I also think smaller in diameter. This made a ton of cake! Too much to be one on each table. This needs to be a lot whiter and I think the chocolate frosting would be better in the middle.
It was nice to decorate the cake while I watched Princess Victoria marry her prince! What a romantic and beautiful wedding this was! They are truly in love and watching them marry one another was like a real fairytale! And how gorgeous is she! Her little sister and brother are very attractive too! Typical Swedes. ;)
Of course, Happy Father's day to all the fathers. Especially my dad and step-dad. Two men that I could never truly thank for all they have done for me. They are really amazing guys and I am so glad they are both in my life.
The Swedish thing of the day is Sweden's (Sverige) carbon footprint. This is impressive. I am aware that Bangladesh and Columbia are not provided with the ammenities many of us want, but Sweden is, and their footprint is nearly half our size. Yikes. I think, when we live in town, we are going to try and walk to a lot of places I would have driven to before I lived in Sweden.

The Swedish word of the day is 'fader' 'far' and 'papa', which are all ways to say 'dad'.


  1. That cake is just the right size for my table!! :)

    I don't think that's too many flowers at all though, did it look like too many in person? It looks gorgeous and divine in the picture!

    P.S. I just showed Joe the picture and he said "WOW, Jesus!" Big compliment from Joe!

  2. I think your cake is amazing! Does the prince always have to wear protective eye wear? Love Mom - Counting the days....

  3. The cake looks beautiful. Chocolate frosting in the middle sounds delicious. --Leslie