Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a person again!

with a person number! I have been waiting on my Swedish person number and it finally came yesterday! This is basically Sweden's version of a social security number, but it's WAY MORE IMPORTANT! You have to have this number to...breathe!! It really is quite an important number and now that I have it, it opens a lot of doors for me. I opened a bank account last night, and I will be able to get my contract from work, etc. So I was quite relieved to get it!

Not much is going on around here. Just anticipating Christmas! I have been working out HARDCORE because I know there are at least 3 days in a row I won't work out. It will most likely take away all the work I have done in the past week! I have lost 4 kilos! Which is about 8 pounds! I can hardly believe it! I hope it continally goes down and isn't just some first week water weight thing. ;)

I'm getting very excited for Christmas. It's so fun because we actually get to celebrate 3 days! Julafton, Christmas Day and Annandag (boxing day). Annandag is my day! We get to make turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and all that good Thanksgivingy stuff! I think Swedish Christmas food is...ok. But it isn't Christmas food to me! I need my turkey!

The Swedish word of the day is 'kalkon' which means 'turkey'.

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  1. I bought a 'kalkon' for our Christmas dinner, too! So glad you are person with a number ;)
    I just know you will watch what you eat and mentally add up calories now that you have really lost some weight!
    Your post this morning made me smile with memories of our early married Christmases. You are blessed. So am I.