Monday, December 27, 2010


the middle days. In Sweden, there are HUGE sales this time of year. The days in the middle of Christmas and New Years. So Fredrik did some research and we went out and bought ourselves a new LED suuuuper flatscreen TV! We love it! We put it in the living room for now, so everybody can enjoy it! Fredrik's dad says we can leave it behind once we find an apartment, though!

Speaking of apartments, Saturday Fredrik and I did some research and found some nice places, emailed the people, and I was feeling really good about it. One of them is already given to somebody else and the other one we haven't heard from. It's REALLY frustrating! We just want our own place to live! But here in Göteborg there just aren't enough places to live compared to the amount of people who need places. It really sucks, when we can afford to live on our own and DEFINITELY want to live on our own. Oh well, just have to be patient and maybe something great is headed our way.

Christmas was great. We celebrated Julafton at Maria and Pontus house, Christmas day at our house and Annandag at our house. Yesterday I made a turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, cornbread and Kansas dirt cake. It was delicious! I love making that food! I know the Swedes usually aren't too impressed and usually like to stick to their traditional food, but it sure does make me happy to eat it!

We don't really know what we are doing for New Years yet. Last year we went to Anton and Sofias, and I think we might do that again! I hope! It's really fun!

Hope you all have a great New Year! 2011, hopefully, has great things in store for you and me! I know 2010 was wonderful! ;)

The Swedish words of the day are 'gott nytt år' which means 'happy new year' and is pronounced 'gott nytt ohr'.


  1. 2010 was TERRIFIC - not what we planned but terrific nun the less. 2011 will hold wonderful things for you and Fredrik - can't wait to hear what those advenutres will be.

  2. My Christmas spirit always floats over to my 'nytt ohr', so I begin each year with such hope for all the people I know. Hope that they will have whatever they need for a safe, successful and fulfilling beginning to the rest of their lives. My friends in Sweden are on the list ;)

    Gran of The Dukes,
    Susie Q