Friday, December 10, 2010

sweetie pie

that´s what my husband is! He read my blog and fixed his computer so it isn´t so difficult to type on! He bought a new laptop less than a year ago and it was already on the fritz! The keyboard was typing letters it wasn´t supposed to and the charger wouldn´t charge! She he ordered new parts and fixed it all up! What a great guy! So I guess I´ll be expected to update a lot more! ;)

I don´t have REALLY exciting things to write about at this moment! I did adopt Fridays as my clean the house day! That´s I guess! Incluedes recycling, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, dishes and opening the door to our bedroom, no matter how cold it is. I get all creeped out thinking about the element being on and no fresh air ever getting in! Haha! Although it feels great to have a clean house, for some reason, it makes me miss my mom and sister! Friday´s were our day to do stuff, since Emily had work off. I really miss having a glass (or bottle) of wine with my mom and sister.

Fredrik has been working 3 to 10 pm, he is here untill 1 in the afternoon. It has actually been really great. We get to spend alone time together and get a lot of stuff done! He´s such an amazing husband and helps me out so much! The only problem is he comes home at 11:30 pm, and neither of us are a big fan of that! But who knows, his schedule changes every week! Sometimes mixing it up is kind of interesting! But once I start working (hopefully REALLY soon), the night working won´t be so nice, we will never see each other!

Tomorrow we have ´adventmys´with Fredrik´s family, at his sister, Hanna´s, house. (that´s a crazy sentence). Everybody in Sweden celebrates advent. It´s not really a religious thing. It´s more about counting down until Christmas and lighting some pretty candles! It will be a lot of us in their apartment having lots of yummy food and coffee!

Also! 3 of my Christmas movies arrived! I watched Elf today with Fredrik as we ate breakfast (fried egg sandwiches with bacon! YUM!) I have to carefully spread out my viewing, I could very well watch all my movies in one day! I love Christmas movies! It takes me back to childhood and just makes me happy! The Grinch and A Christmas Story, of course, will be saved for Christmas eve and Christmas day! Right now I am listening to my Christmas playlist which includes some Manheim Steamroller, Santa Baby, and all those great songs that get me in the spirit! Good cleaning music, too! (did anybody notice I used an exclimation mark at the end of every sentence in that paragraph? jeeze).

The Swedish word of the day is ´älskling´which means ´honey´and is pronounced ´elskling´. This word is funny because sometimes it sounds like my name! So if somebody calls their spouse this to get their attention, sometimes I accidently answer!


  1. That is funny about your name and "Honey"! My impression of this post is that you are a happy lady now. I do know what you mean about missing people you love. We moved to CO amost 22 years ago and I really missed my 'peeps' in the worst way at first. But you seem to have the ambition to make this work and to make a good home for yourself and your alskling! He seems to want to make you happy in many ways like fixing the computer for you:) Making the determination to be happy is the first step! Understanding the blessings you have in so many people (family and friends) who care about you in Sweden and the U.S. just adds to the fun of Adventmys!

    Enjoy every day Alskling Pie! (Swedish and Southern) ;)

  2. Dear Ashley I love to read your words. Susie - your words are just as fun and filled with wisdom! Tell Fredrik thank you for fixing up the computer! Cheers!

  3. I'm with Beth , no response I could think of was as good as my Mom's! :)