Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Just got a call from the school and I am going to meet them Monday at 9;30 am! That has to be a great sign! I´m really excited about it! Once I have a job contract it will be much easier for us to find an apartment! Hold your thumbs!

Yesterday I went to Ullared with Fredrik´s sister Hanna and Andreas. Hanna had just came from her ultrasound! The baby looks great! It never fails to amaze me to see an ultrasound picture! It´s just incredible there is a baby in there!

Anywho, Ullared is a huge version of Wal-mart. Only in Sweden, they only have one! So people come from all over the country to go there! It was really crowded yesterday! We were there for 4 hours! I got a lot of Christmas shopping done and got a few extra things for myself and Fredrik. My big buy of the day was picture frames! I bought 13 of them! Picture frames are really expensive here, unless you go to Ullared, you get them for a fourth of the price! I had a lot of frame! Including my lovely Montessori birds pictures from my dear friend! :)

Today I will finish the rest of our Christmas shopping with my friend Sofia, that should be fun! Spending some time with a girlfriend! Fredrik has been working the 3-10pm shift, so I like to fill my nights with something fun!

The Swedish word of the day is ´handla´which means ´shopping´ and is pronounced ´hahndlah´


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm very excited for you to have a job and children to focus on! Saw the babies picture - WOW! Shopping for four hours int he same store....Miss you - Mom

  2. The framed prints look great!! Maybe you and Fidde need to open an actual Walmart over there...there's obviously a market for it! :)

  3. Sometimes it seems like the uncertainties of life take forever to become settled. It seems like you are getting on the fast track with the hopes of a job and Christmas with your love. Good for you, Ashley!