Tuesday, February 1, 2011

on the way

haha, not what you are thinking! PICTURES, though! I promise I will put pictures up of our new place as soon as we are all moved in and everything looks nice! It´s not that interesting to see pictures of boxes and bare walls!

We got the keys Saturday and moved boxes and bags and unpacked quite a bit of that stuff. This Saturday is when we take the bed, couch, dressers, pictures, etc etc! Then Sunday is decorating day!

Yesterday and today Fredrik stayed home sick with a fever, now today I am home sick with a fever! 39 C! But that was my fever when I woke up, it has gone down to 38 C now. 39 C is about 102 F and 38 is about 100. So it will break any minute. It´s not nice being sick and staying home, but it´s better than being sick this weekend! And in Sweden it is MORE than ok to stay home when you are sick. You lose one day pay, then the second and third day you get 80% of your pay. So we will see how I feel tomorrow.

The job is going well. Going on my 4th week, and had my first staff meeting last night. That´s a long day! Getting to work at 8:30 and leaving at 7:30! But it feels good to have a job and go to meeting and get paid! ;)

Other good news! My good friend Molly and her husband Jon are coming for a 4 day visit on Feb. 28th! I am so excited! It´s official, too. They sent me their flight info. Sunday! They are visiting Jons sister in Spain and decided to make a little trip to us! I am so excited to FINALLY have some visitors from the U.S! It will be so fun to show somebody where I live and all that! Can´t wait for MORE people to come!

Sunday night I spent making 21 birthday cards! February is the month of birthdays among my family and friends and it was a good month to start my new ´thing´. I have decided to make all my cards due to the fact that cards and postage in Sweden is REALLY expensive. So I save over half the price of the cards if I make them! And it´s really fun! I only have a few stamps and such, so the cards look the same, but by the time next year rolls around I´m sure I´ll have news stamps and new ideas!

The Swedish word of the day is ´sjuk' which means ´sick´ and is pronoucned ´whuk´. Fredrik och jag Ă€r sjuk och har feber! :(


  1. It sucks you are sjuk! Please take care and drink plenty of fluids - that really high! You could also paint cards you are such a wonderful artist! I for one would love an original :) Take care dear!!! Love Mom

  2. Wow, busy busy! Sorry to hear that you are sick! I'm just that it will be lovely to see some friendly US faces over there to see you! :) Congrats on your new place, that is very exciting!! :)

  3. Hoping you are feeling better by now.
    I know you will enjoy having visitors and getting your place in order. I admire your enthusiasm, your upbeat attitude and all your hard work in a new world!

    Gran of The Dukes