Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It has been a BUSY past week! Let me tell ya!

Last Tuesday I checked out the apartment. It is so great! I love it!

So Saturday we signed a contract! It's ours! Wooohooo!

Fredrik's mom and I went out and bought a 10 place setting set of dishes. Includes big plate, small plate, bowl and coffee mug. It was all less than 50 dollars! Whaaat! ;)

Saturday we bought TWO dining tables with 12 chair, a huge mirror almost as tall as me and a half dresser for all less than 2000 SEK. Which is less than 300 bucks! Sheesh!

Then Sunday we went to IKEA and bought a TON of kitchen stuff. Bowls, spatulas, canisters, strainers, wine glasses, beer mugs, water glasses, etc etc ETC! It was so fun!

We have been waiting to do this forever! Buy all the things to create a house TOGETHER! We love every second of it!

The furniture is being delivered to our house today! Can't wait to take pics and show you all!

We get the keys either today or tomorrow then we can move in whenever we want! We probably have to wait a week and a half because we are borrowing a big truck...thing from Fredrik's sisters boyfriend. He is getting it from work, so we have to wait! ;( But it's nice to get some help! Since we helped them!

Work is good! Right now I'm so excited about the apartment it's hard to get through the day! I want to be moving stuff and buying stuff! ;)

The Swedish word of the day is 'trött' which means 'tired' and is pronoucned 'truhtt'.


  1. So happy for you and what fun! All new things - fantastic. Having a little time to clean the place from top to bottom empty - that too is fantastic. Will you be painting or anything like that - hanging curtains? Be Happy my dear - Love Mom.

  2. I have been waiting to hear this good news!
    Can't wait for photos, Mrs. J!