Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Everyday I listen to Abba. Not by choice, but the girls LOVE love love ABBA Gold. So, I'm learning pretty much every word to every Abba song. It's not so bad, because I kind of like them, but they are reallly catchy and easily get stuck in your head. I asked Fredrik if it is a national law that you must listen to Abba from the time you wake up to 11am. Cause it seems we only listen to them in the morning. Maybe I can lobby that you must listen to Ace of Base from 12 to 3 in the afternoon, sadly, they don't have as many "hits" as Abba.

Yesterday was just fine. Pretty uneventful because it was crummy weather. I didn't end up driving anywhere because Mireille and Ernest came home early! Whew! I was so happy about that! So instead I got done early and Fredrik came over. We celebrated his new job! Yes, new job! :) Yay! So him and I have had a really good past couple days, I'd say so! I felt like treating him well last night, so I made him grilled cheese, baked beans and chips! Haha, lucky boy, huh?! He doesn't like baked beans, I found out. But I did do the dishes! :)

Kids in Sweden actually really love vegetables! I watched 3 girls under the age of 15 and a little boy at the age of 4 down a huge serving of spinach yesterday! I was astounded!

All Swedes sound like the Swedish chef. I have yet to find one that actually sounds like that. What was Jim Hensen thinking when he made that character anyway?! Maybe he should have came to Sweden and did some research, sheesh!

It isn't very customary to eat more than 1 "hot meal" a day. As an American, I'm used to THREE hot meals a day. Here, you eat a cold breakfast, such as bread, different cheese, butter, and maybe some kind of meat. For lunch, you might do the same or prepare you hot meal. Then for dinner, depending on lunch, you will eat a hot meal or go back to eating bread, butter, cheese and meat! Mayyyybe, that's why Americans are the most obese country in the world?!


  1. It sounds like less work, at least for the mother/nanny, to serve only one hot meal a day. I kind of like that plan.

    Do they think we are lazy because we can't be bothered with caffeinating our own Coke?

    Tell us about Fredrik's new job!