Monday, August 17, 2009


These are adorable, cute little, play dough like, orange/yellow mushrooms that grow on the floor of the Swedish forest. We put on our jeans and tennis shoes and started hiking up...way up. I didn't know Sweden had hiking, but it does. We went through streams, puddles, rock formations, grass, twigs, and anything else that is on the forest floor. It was actually really fun. We just kept going and finally we found little patches of mushrooms. I was pointed out the good mushrooms and of course, the bad ones. There really are only one kind of good mushrooms, and that's the kantarells.

We spent about an hour and a half mushroom hunting! We as in Ann and HĂ„kan, Fredrik's mom and dad, Fredrik and me, each found a bag of mushrooms!

We went home, cleaned up, and cleaned the mushrooms. Then we boiled them, saved 3 pots for the freezer and ate the 4th one. We ate them fried, which is so delicious!

Although I have heard of people in the US mushroom hunting, it isn't as big a deal as it is here in Sweden! True Swedes go and find their own mushrooms, so I'm getting enough practice being a Swede!

This weekend was yet, another, amazing weekend. The time I spend with Fredrik and his family is so wonderful. They make me feel like a part of a family and more at home than I thought I could feel here. And his mom feeds us every hour! It's so delicious, but I'm always full! And I'm definitely trying new foods! The mushrooms of course, and some stinky moldy cheese, lots of new vegetables, and lots more! Plus, I'm using a knife while I eat! They are so kind and get me things that make me feel more at home, such as Ranch dressing and Heinz ketchup! And of course, I'm bringing things that remind me of home to them, I made some delicious brownies with peanut butter chips and peanut butter blossoms with Hersheys kisses! Thanks to Leslie. And soon I'll make some enchiladas because my amazing mom sent me some enchilada sauce and refried beans! :)

Svamp is the word for mushroom! These are my beautiful little baby svamps! :) I wonder if anybody has been in the forest searching for svamps in a Kansas Jayhawks shirt!?
Haha, I love him, and I feel like I'm almost ALWAYS smiling when I'm with him. Maybe it's because he is such a dork! :)


  1. Dear Ashley - I love to read how you write and also what you write about. It just warms my heart to see your pictures, I've never seen you look so happy. It shows in your face! Thank you to Fredrik and his family. Keep sharing your "amazing" stories. Love you - Mom.

  2. Kantarell - is the color of our living room walls.

  3. I hope that last picture is in the running for a Christmas card photo this year!