Sunday, August 9, 2009

walking sticks and soda streams

Here in Sweden, to go along with their nature loving ways, Swedes love to be outside. As seen on the sunny days, you will find beaches full of people. Well, on nice days, you will also see elderly people, young people, children, anybody walking, with sticks! Not really sticks, but these things that look like ski poles, sort of. Fredrik tells me they are good for blood flow when you walk, which makes some sense, but they look funny to me. And of course, not a picture I took myself, seems creepy to take pictures of people walking on the road! :)

Also, Swedes make their own pop! Nifty! And of course don't call it "pop", so when I say that, I get a few funny looks. BUT you fill a special "Soda Stream" bottle with water, keep it in the fridge, when you are ready, you take the bottle out and put the Soda Stream nozzle thing in the bottle and give a button a push and it carbonates your water. THEEEN you choose your flavor, you can have coke, pear, strawberry, etc. It's amazing to me, and almost every house I have been to thus far, has one. I think they are a really good idea. They also have concentrate you keep in the fridge, and you pour a bit in a cup and fill the cup with water, and there you have a nice drink. Of course, piggelin/pear, is the flavor of choice. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of one myself, but I feel more than stupid taking pictures of simple things like this, very touristy!

So tomorrow is the first day of real "work". Mireille and Ernest go back to work and I have the girls for 2 weeks before they start school. Tomorrow we will take it easy, play outside, although I think it's supposed to rain (big surprise). Then Tuesday or Wednesday Fredrik will lead us all to Liseberg, the Worlds of Fun of Göteborg. I'm really excited to go! AND tomorrow is my first day driving the stick shift all on my own! I'm so nervous! Caitlin and I will go together to her training, so hopefully she can lead me there and I won't wreck the car or stall the engine in the middle of the road! Wish me luck!

Swedes can eat incredibly fast with a knife and fork. Watching Fredrik eat it almost like an art! Haha!

Also, I have yet to find a regular looking loaf of bread or cheddar cheese, how am I supposed to make grilled cheese sandwiches!? :)


  1. I love reading about your observations and cultural quirks! Keep up the good work and good luck with all the new things you are learning!

  2. Thanks for the cultural lesson - I love to read your writtings, almost as much as hearing you sing. So, for now I'll read. Love you, Mom